Community Development

Community Development

Social Work Services

TEWFI employs two social workers that are extensively involved with the local communities and  UHCC.  They have established many programs that benefit the needs and betterment of the people by giving them tools to lead a more healthy and productive life.

Yearly the social workers have organized The Eye Camp in partnership with Aravind Eye Hospitals. This is a day event where over 200 local residents have their eyes checked for glasses, glaucoma, cataracts and any other vision related needs. Glasses are made on site. Cataract patients are taken for surgery to Pondicherry and others are given recommendations for follow up.

A general health evaluation camp was held with about 800 people getting full physicals. UHCC staff, in partnership with staff from Medall, a private health diagnostic medical center, provided the services.

The photos represent the different social work related activities.

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Social Work Services

From the very beginning, TEWFI has focused its attention primarily on vulnerable girls and women in the community. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Women’s Centre is on TEWFI land adjacent to the Uluru Health Care Centre. It is a gift to the local community made possible by Pitchandikulam Bio Resource Centre — Auroville and TEWFI through the United Nations Development Programme. The Women’s Centre was officially opened in October. 2008.
The following activities run by TEWFI are currently in progress at the centre. or will be introduced in the near future: o Vocational training for women and girls

o HIV/AIDS awareness

o Domestic violence awareness programmes

o Child rights education

o Life skills

o Self help group meetings

o Women’s health care awareness

Other Service

The social workers go out into the community and offer group sessions to discuss different topics such as the following:


        • Diabetes
        • Issues of self medication
        • Dengue fever
        • Domestic violence
        • Waste management
        • Stress management

Some Of Our Programs

Enchancing the quality of everyday life

Women’s Day

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On March 8th Women’s Day is celebrated. In recognition of this day the Social Workers organize a day of celebration in several villages.  Competitions with prizes and snack make this day special.

GK Competition For School Children

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TEWFI strongly believes that a well educated person knows more beyond book learning.The General Knowledge Competition encourages 6, 7 and 8th standard government school students to learn a wide range of informative facts across many subjects, like the deepest ocean or the highest mountain or the fastest animal.

First round of competition is in each school and the top five students go on to the next round which will be against the other schools. Totally eight schools.  After this round the top four schools then compete with each other.  Next the top three schools compete in the final round.

Life Skills Education


Too many people in the communities are involved in anti-social activities resulting in alcoholism, drug abuse and violence. Sometimes this results in conflicts within the family, between neighbors and between villages. The Social Workers are striving to work with individuals and groups to help them recognize the need and encourage their need to change. We also focus on the children to break the family pattern of some of these behaviors by organizing “Life Skills Education” in 6 school and 3 communities. Currently, classes are conducted for children on a variety of topics including:

• Moral values • Coping with fear and other emotions • Self-esteem and personality development • Decision making • Self awareness • Time management and goal setting • Handling and solving

problems All these topics are taught to the children through such means as telling stories. role playing, group discussions and making crafts. The impact of the program has been significant. Developing life skills has helped the children translate the knowledge they have acquired into changing their attitude and their behavior. Changes we have noticed include acquiring the ability to reduce specific risk behavior and the adoption of healthy and less stressful behavior. Improved life skills have produced the following effects: reduced violent behavior: increased pro-social behavior by reducing negative, self-destructive behavior: increased the ability to plan ahead and choose effective solutions to problems: improved self-image, self-awareness. social and emotional adjustment: increased acquisition of knowledge: improved classroom behavior: there are gains in self control and sociability: better handling of interpersonal problems and coping with anxiety and improved constructive conflict resolution with peers

Summer Camp


Every summer the Social Workers organize a one month centrally located camp where children from all the villages are welcome to come. Games, competitions, arts and crafts and other activities are planned.  This camp is well attended and appreciated by all.

Children’s Day Celebration


Children’s day in India is celebrated on November 14th which is the day that the first Prime Minister of India. Jawaharlal Nehru was born. TEWFI organizes this programme every year in the Community as well as at Uluru Children’s Home. This year TEWFI organized a Children’s Day Programme at the Uluru Coastal Environment Education Centre. Children from seven Villages participated. The theme chosen for the programme was “Bright futures are in your hands”. The objectives of the programme were to develop the children’s skills by helping them to understand their roles and responsibilities in society, and also to create unity and positive relationships amongst the children from different communities by encouraging them to participate in cultural activities. Different children performed dances. gymnastic performances and songs. Games were also played and prizes and snacks were given to the participants. In total 174 children participated in the programme. It was a great success with all children gaining more knowledge of their role and place in society. Children’s day is also observed at the Uluru Children’s Home with games and performances where each of the children celebrates their unique place as an important member of society

Proud Sponsors of TEWFI

These are some of our proud Sponsors

Dengue Flu awareness Program

Our Social worker conducted Dengue Flu awareness Program at Community.

Learning Healthy Habits

Health Education For Children

Social workers conducted at the community children Food and Nutrition class.

Women's Tailoring Class

She taught sewing to women at community.

General Medical Camp

Eye Camp for Community